The Pet Food Scare. It made me focus. What?s your Story?

June 3rd, 2008

It?s been almost 18 months

The Pet Food Scare. It made me focus. What?s your Story?

It?s been almost 18 months, and my best friend is now over 14 years old. If you just used the common dog year formula of 7 years for every dog year he recently turned one hundred (100). How many of us today would sign up for that age if it was guaranteed to us? I hope I?m this healthy when I reach one hundred (100). Imagine waking up early every morning with the same eager air of anticipation. It?s another great day to look forward to. Have some breakfast, go to the park at the end of the street and then on a mile and a half walk. Have a light snack and something cold to drink when you get home and then take a nap in the warm sun spot coming through the window. This sounds like paradise to me, especially at 100.
Many of you probably have a friend just like this. They may not be as old, but the life you share is just as special to you.
How would you feel if this friend suddenly became violently ill and during the next two weeks lost nearly 20% of their body weight? Pets provide many benefits to humans. They comfort us and they give us companionship. In fact to many of us they are simply our family.
The situation described above is true, and fortunately my friend survived the pet food scare of eighteen months ago that for those of us affected we remember all too clearly. Some of our friends were not as fortunate. This is sad.
It sometimes takes personal incidents to initiate one?s focus on a particular subject. In this case it is safety in the supply chain. As a side note, to date retail sales of pet food have still not totally recovered from this incident. This is also sad.
I look forward to your comments

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