When does the 2nd amendment to The Constitution of the United States (Right to Bare Arms) apply to food safety?

September 2nd, 2008

I?m not sure that it really does directly. However

I?m not sure that it really does directly. However, I will take any opportunity to report and comment on ways being used to drive safety in our food system even when I don?t agree with them. Who would have thought that over two hundred years ago when our founding fathers drafted the 2nd amendment to The Constitution of the United States, that it would play out as a way to protect our food supply from a variety of nefarious predators..

First of all, let?s briefly review the 2nd Amendment. There are numbers of groups that interpret the the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States ratified on December 15th 1791 to their own benefit. These interpretations tend to lean in one of two ways. The first is that the amendment was meant to ensure that individuals have the absolute right to own firearms; the second is that the amendment was meant to ensure that States could form, arm, and maintain their own militias.

I was stunned to read the following article. ?Farmers use guns, poison to guard crops?. As Reported in the Arizona Republic on Sunday August 31st in an area titled The Green Zone. The first paragraph read Farmers in ?America?s Salad Bowl? are turning into hunters ? stalking wild pigs, rabbits, and deer – to keep E.coli and other harmful bacteria out of their fields.

We also know that this is an area of the country that does not need another reason for people to carry guns. The best possible opportunity for a safe food supply is continued research and factual reporting as to the actual cause of an outbreak. These data then need to be captured in a central repository to support faster tracking of future outbreaks with better than one forward and one back source of supply reporting.

The st.paul outbreak is over. This author is not sure that the continued research to discover the cause ought to be. Statements that scientists are not sure of the exact source but suspect that cattle, feral pigs, or other wild life may have spread E. coli by defecating near crops requires careful control. Farmers don?t need guns; they need better research and quicker results. Is not manure a key source of fertilizer all over the world?

I look forward to your comments.

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