Are you a green enough retailer to work for? What do your prospective employees think?

September 17th, 2008

With all of the issues facing our planet

With all of the issues facing our planet, both future and present employees are weighing their decisions as to prospective work places on more than just money. Are your human resource procurement professionals savvy enough to your company green practices and policies to attract the best and brightest?

Procurement does not only relate to the products your company buys for resale or supplies that your company uses internally. If you ask a human resources (HR) professional they are in the procurement business as it relates to people. In fact many of the tools they use during the recruitment process can in fact be sourced to reduce their cost using reverse auctions such as background checks and drug screening kits. First however they need to get the best candidates to want to work for you. So, these are not the most important products for human resources professional to be concerned with. The job of human resources when conducting an interview is to sell your company, to make it the first place someone wants to interview and the last place they want to leave once hired. Increasingly, the social conscience of your company is becoming a deciding factor as to whether or not quality candidates want to select your company as a place to work. The first question this begs, is your human resources department in a position to clearly discuss your company?s corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives (CSR)?

In a recent survey listed in USA TODAY and conducted by of 2,774 college students, the following question was asked. If you had two job offers and one company was ?green? would that have an impact on your decision? A full seventy nine percent (79%) answered yes. Let?s hope your CSR program leads to the need to use the other products required in this process because your human resource professionals are armed with a strong story.

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