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January 14th, 2009

ASU Team wins grant to ensure food safety.

ASU Team wins grant to ensure food safety.

The above bi-line is credited to William Hermann of the Arizona Republic
January 13th edition. What’s interesting is that the grant comes from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The ASU team is headed by William Nganje. According to the article he and his colleagues are looking for ways to strengthen the security of the supply chain. According to Nganje, “It’s critical that we are able to trace exactly where a threat has come from.” I think I’ve heard that argument before.

This author has written extensively as many of you know regarding food safety and the role that procurement solution providers can play in ensuring that our retail partners have a traceable resource beyond one forward one back.

Please take another look at the following posts for more inforamtion.

1. We agree with the consumers union: Mandate traceability of their fruits and vegetables to their source.
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3. Food Safety; Do Hippo’s eat tomatoes?

An excerpt from Do Hippo’s eat tomatoes? is below for your enjoyment

I know I’m still not eating any tomatoes, and I love tomatoes. Is it the farmers fault, the CDC’s fault, the FDA’s fault? That’s a hard question to answer. What is true is that we have to do a better job of providing safe quality foods to retailers to sell to their consumers. There needs to be some type of central repository of safe data that allows tracking of products to their source more quickly. Our families, friends, pets and even the hippos will thank us.

The SafesourceIt™ Supplier database includes many of the traceability standards required to eliminate this problem.

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