We are pleased to announce to our industry friends the one year anniversary of SafeSourcing Inc. A company for procurement professionals.

May 14th, 2009

Our website www.safesourcing.com. has been visited more than 40

Our website www.safesourcing.com. has been visited more than 40,000 times during our first year resulting in over 7.1 page views per visit with the average visit lasting greater than 6 minutes. All metrics are well above industry averages for site visits. These visits were generated from over 60 countries with a relatively low bounce rate of 30%.

This indicates that there is a wide level of interest in our approach to supporting companies Corporate Social Responsibility programs (CSR) with our safety and environmentally focused best practices that support e-negotiation in today?s world.

SafeSourcing is now conducting business in both North America and Asia. We have delivered significant savings to our customers and business partners in excess of 20% during an extremely tough economic period.

Our professional services business which supports our SafeSourceIt? product family is thriving with delivery of over 20 e-negotiation training sessions in Asia where our multi lingual application is running in both English and Kanji.

In support of our safety and environmental focus areas and corporate commitment to give back, Safesourcing is also very proud based on our early success that we were able to donate 1000 immunizations for the children of Haiti where almost a third of Haitians have no access to safe drinking water which can result in disease and a high death rate for children.

We have appreciated all of your comments over the last year and will continue to endeavor to provide timely and valuable guidance and tools to the procurement community.

Thank you!

Ron Southard

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