What can retail procurement professionals do to ensure their suppliers are helping to reduce carbon pollution in support of their CSR initiatives?

May 29th, 2009

Even with substantial increases in the use of renewable energy

Even with substantial increases in the use of renewable energy, world energy consumption will rise by 44% over the next twenty years according to The Energy Information Administration.

Because of the continued need for fossil fuels such as oil, this will increase the carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere by 40%.

There are a couple of things that buyers can do to insure that their trading partners are doing everything possible to insure they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. One program that retailers can require that their suppliers qualify for is Green-e certification.

The Green-e programs mission is to:

? Bolster customer confidence in the reliability of retail electricity products reflecting renewable energy generation.
? Expand the retail market for electricity products incorporating renewable energy, including expanding the demand for new renewable energy generation.
? Provide customers clear information about retail “green” electricity products to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions.
? Encourage the deployment of electricity products that minimize air pollution and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Insuring that your procurement process questions and holds suppliers accountable to standards that support both safety and environmental initiatives is just the right thing to do.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

Ron Southar

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