Peanut products, canned chili and now cookie dough! This would normally sound like a good Saturday night to me.

June 22nd, 2009

I grew up a few miles from the original toll house where the recipe for Toll House cookies was invented. My grandmother made the best toll house cookies I ever had. When I married my wife, I never suspected that she would go to work for Nestle Foods or make what has today become my favorite toll house cookie. Sorry Grandma!

I have to admit that I have not eaten anywhere near the amount of peanut butter as I normally do since the food recall of last year. I know that?s a little silly, but it is how consumers feel and why when there is a recall that the impact on sales results of the specific product in question as well as affiliated products suffer for lengthy periods of time after the illnesses have disappeared. As such, not just cookie dough will suffer from this most recent outbreak.

We use Nestle products all of the time. One of the best inventions ever made was Toll House cookie dough that allows you to make just a couple of cookies in the evening when you have a sweet tooth. If you are like me, it is not easy to stop yourself from eating eight or ten cookies when they are home made. With the refrigerated dough, seventeen minutes later you have two cookies and a satisfied sweet tooth.

The curious thing about this outbreak is that it is an E. coli 0157 outbreak which is a bacterium that lives in cow?s intestines. So, how in the world did it get into cookie dough? The outbreak has affected a reasonably small number of people (65) in twenty nine states. Unfortunately, like peanut butter, cookie dough is a favorite food of children. As we all know, the young and the elderly are more likely to suffer from the effects of the bacterium.

On Friday, Nestle recalled 300,000 cases of the cookie dough after being notified by the FDA. Because of the curiosity of this case, this is a perfect example of the need for a traceable supply chain to more than one forward one back reporting. Ask you solutions provider how they would be able to produce this type of reporting.

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