Have you ever heard “We don’t do things that way”?

October 1st, 2009

We hear this type of objection all of the time in the e-procurement business. In fact it may be the most common and deadliest of all objectictions.

This author prefers to take the position when confronted with this specific objection that “The DIFFICULT we can do at once; the impossible will take us a little longer. If we look at all of our roadblocks in this way, the road forward does not seem as formidable.

In the e-procurement space, teams are very often underfunded and understaffed particularly in low tier one and tier two companies. As such what you are not hearing is that the organization can’t change. More than likely what you are hearing is an internalized frustration with the fact that there is not enough time to evaluate new processes or tools and still get the demanding job they already have done in a successful fashion. In other words; we don’t do things that way because we don’t have the time or the commitment from senior management to do things in any way other than the way we have done things for years.

Confronted with this situation requires understanding and empathy. Understanding means having done the proper research of the company that you are going to be meeting with. Empathy means understanding your prospects emotions and feelings. In other words it is the ability to “put yourself into his or hers shoes”.

A sales pitch of I can save you money immediately may sound like a stunning offering. Followed up by we have done it for others may even sound better. However, how this resonates with your prospect is going to be determined by other factors that can only be understood by understanding their business. In the procurement space that means understanding the entire procure to pay process and its ramifications on your prospects company.

Safesourcing understands retail from the farm to the kitchen table. Let us help your company source better quality products from a more diverse list of suppliers that support safety, traceability and support environmental best practices.

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