Has indirect procurement been well covered in the blogosphere?

October 2nd, 2009

If it has

This author believes that there are a lot of great posts out there on the blogosphere relative to procurement. It appears in blogs, websites, white papers, wiki?s, webcasts, social networks, tweets and pod casts. The important issue that continues to concern this author is that enough companies are not using the many e-negotiation and other low cost hosted tools available to them that reuse or republishing of this data is not only important, it is imperative because if one company reads, watches, prints and uses any of it and then executes because of it any or all of the following can and should happen.

1. Profits can and should improve
2. Quality can and should improve
3. Product Safety can and should improve
4. Environmental impact can and should improve
5. Prices can be compressed
6. New sources of supply can be found
7. Risk can be mitigated
8. Evergreening of contracts can be held in check
9. Existing jobs can be protected
10. New jobs can be created.

If these were the only reasons to try and get out the message as to the stunning effect that today?s procurement tools can have on an organization it would be enough. But we all know there are many more good reasons beyond the ten listed above.

This author regularly reposts two blogs titled ?Here are twenty reasons why all retailers should use E-Procurement tools now? and ?Twenty steps to running high quality e-procurement events?.

The message in both of these posts is as important today as it was when originally posted 17 months ago and with new readers visiting and following every day reposts of important messages are a good strategy.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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