How can you help your suppliers to become green?

October 13th, 2009

Today?s post is by David J. Wenig an account manager at SafeSourcing.

When you are watching TV tonight, pay close attention to thecommercials. You?re sure to find all types of messages aimed at showing that products are green or environmentally friendly. Can you say that about the products or services that you sell or use?

There are any numbers of programs out there in which you and/or your suppliers can participate. They are easy to find. Just type green certification into your favorite search engine and you will find results. You can do your homework to find out which one?s are right for you. Most provide the steps required to qualify right on their website. The U.S. EPA for example has a program called Green Power Partnership,, which is worth looking into. Another certification program to check out is Green-e, This is an independent organization that has set out to reduce environmental impact. These are just two programs of the many programs you can participate in. Think of it as the tip of a green iceberg.

So, since there are so many certification programs out there, the question remains: Why aren?t your suppliers green? Next time you speak with them why not ask if they hold any environmental certifications or about plans they may have in place to become green certified. This may also be a good time to share with them what your plans are and that this may be an opportunity to learn together.

For even more information on programs, please visit and type the word green into the search box.

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