Stimulus Dollars Abused? Do we need another BPA study?

October 30th, 2009

How many studies need to be done by how many organizations over how many generations in order to come to the same conclusion?

When we live through an economic condition like we have had to for the last couple of years. An economic condition that requires stimulus dollars from the government to get it kick started, how in the world Thirty Million Dollars ($30,000,000.00) of those funds can be approved for studying BPA.

We can?t event get banks to approve loans to small business which we all know are the heart of any sustainable economic growth. But we can allocate this absurd amount of money so that The National Institute of Health can study BPA.

This author thought these funds were to stimulate the economy. According to the researchers part of the study will look to see if exposures to Bishenol A can affect multiple generations. The key word here is generations. This probably means there will most likely be more money spent in the future.

As this author has discussed in a number of posts, Bisphenol A or BPA is a chemical that is used in plastics such as baby bottles and as a lining of metal cans used for food distribution.

If you were to Google BPA, you would receive 6,000,000 hits. If you were to Google Bisphenol A you would receive another 2,000,000 hits. In this data you can find where other countries have banned the use of the chemical and or found alternatives to this chemical because they have data that indicates what this new study is looking to review again.

Well, it is Halloween season and it continues to scare the heck out of this author as to how the economic stimulus dollars continue to be mismanaged.

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