The Green Marketing Conference

November 19th, 2009

GfK Roper Consulting is presenting The Green Marketing Conference yesterday and today in Chicago.

At the conference, good and green companies are learning how to increase their brand’s emotional, cognitive and financial connection in today?s “greening” consumer markets. These are hugely important CSR initiatives that companies must focus on if they want to continue to attract their consumers in the future.

According to GfK more and more consumers are embracing green initiatives.

? Perceptions of environmental, ethical, and social stewardship are the fastest growing contributors to consumer brand value
? Over 66% of Americans believe “Doing well by doing good is a savvy business strategy.”
? Over the past 5 years the sales of organic and all natural products have increased 18% to 25% year over year.
? 30% of American consumers are willing to pay up to a 20% premium on clean, green products over non-sustainable alternatives…and that number grows each year.

Additionally in a related survey by GfK Roper Public Affairs and Media, sixty percent of surveyed individuals felt either a great deal or a lot of personal responsibility to protect the environment. Who do you think these consumers will turn to for their product and services purchases?

This author posts regularly on this subject. It is important to hold your supply chain partners accountable to your companies Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. As this may be a difficult task to accomplish on your own, you procurement solution provider should be able to provide you with this type of information about your existing and new sources of supply. If they can not, make a change to a company that can.

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