More thoughts on e- procurement goals and resulting resolutions for the New Year.

December 29th, 2009

E-procurement resolutions need not be that much different regardless of the size of your organization.

Companies with as few as three stores and companies with thousands of stores are often looking for the same types of issues. The process and the results are very similar regardless of scale and as such require the same careful focus to drive those results. If we were to white board what should be included in our goal or resolution setting it would certainly include many of the following areas.

1.?Lower costs
2.?Consistent and improved quality
3.?Products that guarantee safety for your consumers
4.?Smooth transition to new supplier relationships
5.?Quality product specifications
6.?Unlimited new sources of supply
7.?Well thought out internal and external collaboration and aggregation
8.?Support for environmentally focused products
9.?Support of CSR Initiatives.
10.?Evaluation of low cost technology solutions
11.?Joining and collaborating with a share group
12.?Review of Incumbent suppliers
13.?E-Sourcing or e-procurement training.
14.?Existing procurement tool evaluation
15.?Existing contracts evaluation
16.?Spend evaluation
17.?Alternative geography sourcing
18.?Sourcing and Supply Chain Knowledge transfer
19.?For resale sustainable practices review
20.?Perfecting The expense category
As your organization develops their list similar to the one above, prioritization and elimination sessions will lead you to a best few focus from which you can refine your e-procurement goals and or resolutions for 2010. Please use the above guidelines as a source for your thinking. Simple goals written down are the most achievable. During the balance of this week, we will focus on many of the above five areas in more detail.

We appreciate and look forward to your comments

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