What is The Transportation Intermediaries Association or TIA?

February 3rd, 2010

If you are sourcing logistics for your company, working with 3PL?s or otherwise involved in the transportation of products, the TIA is a great place to keep up with the transportation industry.

The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is the premiere organization for third-party logistics professionals doing business in North America. TIA provides resources, education, information, advocacy and connections to establish, maintain and expand ethical, profitable and growing businesses in service to their customers.

There are a number of certifications offered through the TIA that signify the quality of transportation providers. Please read on to learn more about them.

TIA – Certified Transportation Brokers:
Since1986, the Certified Transportation Brokers designation has signified the highest level professionalism and integrity in logistic brokers. The CTB program tests the knowledge of participants on brokerage, legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the latest trends in transportation and business management.?

TIA – Performance Certified:
The TIA Performance Certification Program is the first business certification program for professional 3PL businesses with proven expertise in logistics. This certification takes the best features of TIA’s? P3 and GPP products, and combines them with the TIA name.

The Platinum Performance Program (P3):
A main feature of this program is that participants are identified by the P3 logo as service providers committed to a set of operating best practices designed to deliver the highest level of customer service. The name Platinum Performance Program and its logo are becoming a standard by which customer service is measured.

Ask your e-negotiation solutions provider how they evaluate the transportation companies they work with and what certifications they hold?

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