What does SafeSourcing do in the E-Procurement Space?

March 26th, 2010

A prospect recently asked me for a snap shot of who we are and what we do in less than five minutes. I?d like to share that summary with you and let you know that we have multiple CEO?s and CFO?s that will back this up with a reference.

Our SafeSourcing vision is to be the leader in knowledge driven retail e-procurement solutions that drive down costs and improve quality with an additional focus on safety.??? Beyond safety, we also focus on support of the environment which is a top of mind CSR issue within the retail executive suite.

By assigning as little as 10% of their cost of goods or expense related items to these tools a retailer can improve net earnings by up to 100% while also providing their consumers with safer products that support a reduction in the industries carbon footprint.

With SafeSourcing?s innovative e-procurement tools, a buyer can initiate reverse auctions or requests for information using the SafeSourceIt? e-procurement tools for new contract purchases, spot buys, replenishment, aggregation and collaboration with other buying organizations, saving as much as 30% to 40% in the process and then simply drop that data into our SafeContract? contract management solution to eliminate issues such as ever greening which costs the retail industry millions annually. Alerts can then be set that will remind procurement knowledge workers of required actions in the future as they arise.?

To support the above initiatives our SafeSourceIt?? global retail supplier database consisting of more than 380,000 suppliers contains thirty-five unique certification standards that are supported by our best practice initiatives such as GFSI, ISO 22000, Green Seal, ECO-LOGO, Fair Trade, SQF and Certified Humane Raised & Hand-Led to name a few. As our database continues to grow all SafeSourcing participating suppliers are regularly vetted for their support of ours and our retail partner?s socially responsible initiatives including their eco-friendly practices to insure continuity.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.

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