What are we discussing when we speak or write about sustainable procurement?

April 14th, 2010

This author thinks that too often when procurement professionals speak of sustainable procurement that confusion reins supreme as to whether we are discussing a sustainable process versus the business of green procurement which is sustainable procurement.

I have quite often written about what is required to build a sustainable process in e.negotiation or e.procurement. I have also posted quite often on the subject of Sustainable Procurement. To that end I offer the following.

According to Wikipedia, Sustainable procurement which is also called green procurement is a spending and investment process typically associated with public policy, although it is equally applicable to the private sector. Companies that practice sustainable procurement look well beyond cost only benefits using more intrinsic measures that include society and a broader view of the world.

Often company?s focused on sustainability measure their results by Triple-bottom-line accounting or TPL which is a process by which companies can measure the economic, social and environmental performance of a project or a business. This method of assessment aims for synergy among these three aspects rather than compromise or trade-offs among them.

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