Why some buyers think e-Procurement will never work.

April 20th, 2010

Sometimes I wonder what it takes to get through to people that as a procurement professional or knowledge worker, that their job is the most important job in retail. Or at least it could be.

This author has discussed on many occasions the various benefits to retailers of using e-Procurement tools. Not the least of which is that if a retailer were seriously to assign twenty percent of their above the gross margin line spend to these types of tools, they could increase their net earnings by up to 100%. In addition, much of the following would also happen.

1. They would continue to source high quality products.
2. They would continue to have great supplier relationships.
3. They would free up time to do other tasks.
4. They would improve their company?s net earnings by up to 100%.
5. They would support our fragile environment.
6. They would support global food and product safety initiatives.
7. They would have a larger audience of piers to converse with daily.
8. They would have a single source of information about their profession.
9. They would be instantly alerted to product recalls.
10. They would support a traceable supply chain.
11. They would have an endless source of new suppliers to review easily.
12. They would have product specifications at their finger tips.

Now you might wonder why many companies are not enjoying these benefits already. The following are the objections I hear all of the time after we have presented to a prospect that has not been exposed to e-procurement tools in the past.

1. I already get the best cost.
2. We?ve done business with this supplier for years.
3. I don?t have product specifications.
4. I don?t have time for this.
5. Switching costs will be too high.
6. I can?t insure the same quality.
7. We need to adhere to certain standards.

If you have an objection that is not listed above, or they pretty much fit your thinking, please review the dozen benefits above and weigh it against them.

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