Retailers; can you compete with these top ten retailers in your market?

July 20th, 2010

The rankings for 2009 retail sales leaders are out and the names are pretty much what you would expect. So, how can you compete?

Every one of the companies listed below use e-procurement tools to lower their cost of goods and services. They probably don?t even need to based solely on their sales volumes, but the do anyway and as a result get even better pricing.

5.?Home Depot
10.?Best Buy

The reality is that you can?t compete with them on price alone. What you can do is improve your own margins and earnings so that you can stay in business and focus on what you do well. The ten retailers listed above cover every type of format and every type of product offered in retail from fashion to fuel.

So what can you do? First, try conducting a spend analysis of your detailed profit and loss statement and compare it to the industry leaders and other retailers in your market area. Look for anomalies where you may in fact have an advantage based on product mix and then try to figure out how to exploit it. Second, use e-procurement tools for existing and new products and services sourcing. Third, use contract management software to make sure that the savings you generate make it to your P&L.

Ask your e-procurement solutions provider how they can help. If you don?t get a good answers call SafeSourcing at 1-866-623-9006 or visit our website and click on Contact Us.

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