What type of eggs are you buying?

August 25th, 2010

Egg?s can come in a variety of types depending on what they are going to be used for.

When I was growing up the choices were not so difficult. My grandfather actually owned a dairy and poultry farm. When I visited the farms there were thousands of laying hens that my dad and grandfather owned. All of the eggs were brown and sometimes dirty before they were processed.

With the most recent salmonella outbreak, it is important to be aware of what you are buying as a consumer and as a retail buyer as well as whom you are buying them from.

There are three grades of eggs sold for the US mass market and each comes in a number of sizes.

1.?U. S. Grade AA Eggs are practically free from defects and have firm yolks, thick whites, and clean and unbroken shells.
2.?U.S. Grade A Eggs are practically free from defects with fairly thick whites, firm yolks, and clean and unbroken shells.
3.?U.S. Grade B Eggs have thinner whites and larger, flatter yolks. The shells cannot be cracked, but they may be stained.

There are however many small farmers in the country that offer their eggs to the local neighborhoods where they live. If I were going to buy eggs from these farmers I would want to visit the farm the see the conditions the chickens live in. If I were a retail buyer, I would absolutely want to do the same thing. This author bets that one is far cleaner than the other.

Make sure your e-procurement provider supports from the farm to the table traceability.

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