Here is how to insure that your e-procurement bids as successful as possible

January 11th, 2011

There are keys to understanding and making your bidding competitive and successful when using e-negotiation tools.

Competitive bidding is the process of inviting and obtaining bids from competing suppliers in response to documented specifications, by which an award is made to the best overall bid that meets or exceeds the specifications in areas such as price and quality. Probably one of the most important elements and most overlooked is that of incumbent supplier communication once a bid has been authorized. That is not setting any false expectations with your incumbent suppliers. As you already have a relationship you will most likely receive calls, emails or texts as to what is going on. Your answer has to be that we value our relationship and encourage you to use this process as it is the only process by which we will review bids.. Do not indicate that everything will be ok or that things will work out just fine or any similar language. If you are using a 3rd party, instruct your supplier to provide any questions or communications through the third party only.?

The e-negotiation process contemplates giving potential bidders a reasonable opportunity to bid, and requires that all bidders be placed on an equal playing field. Ideally each supplier must bid on the same documented specifications, terms, and conditions for all items. However breaking out individual line items that a specialty supplier can provide bids for can help to reduce the opportunity for suppliers to manage the overall gross margin of their bids and drive higher savings. The purpose of competitive bidding is to stimulate competition, prevent favoritism, and secure the best goods and services at the lowest possible price, for the benefit of the host company. Competitive bidding cannot occur where specifications, terms, or conditions prevent or unduly restrict competition, favor a particular supplier, or increase the cost of goods or services without providing a corresponding tangible benefit for the host company.

The above message needs to be communicated to any and all associates that are involved in the process and may have a reason to communicate with suppliers.

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