Sustainable success with e-procurement programs is not based solely on financial models.

January 17th, 2011

Without a well communicated strategy to all internal associates, suppliers and other stakeholders your financial benefits may never occur.

Primary success with e-procurement programs is ultimately measured by cost reductions that should drop directly to a company?s bottom line. More than once I have heard; ?did we hit a home run?? Less emphasis is placed on cost avoidance and sustainability issues which can often lead to less of a companies total spend be assigned to these otherwise very effective tools then should be.

In order to ensure that results are sustainable; the strategies for all categories require consistent tool deployment across all departments throughout the company. This can be accomplished by utilizing a well planned repeatable process for category selection, discovery, supplier selection, and strategy communication that is well understood by all buyers and category managers through award of business.

Supplier selection and management is a critical stage that requires the understanding and participation of all sourcing professionals within an organization. One small mistake by anyone within the procurement organization could negatively impact the potential results of an e-procurement event. Historical long term relationships that drive behind the scene comments like; ?don?t worry we?ll be fine? to a long term supplier may drive inappropriate bid behavior and lack of ongoing credibility with your program. Not to mention the potential legal implications.

If you are not having the results you would like or have less than twenty percent your total corporate spend assigned to e-procurement tool?s that are offered in the form of? Software as a Service, ask your provider why?

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