Clean up in aisle three! What?s your CFL cleanup program?

January 18th, 2011

How many times have you been shopping and heard the first sentence from above?

Well if you hear it now, you might want to think twice before your curiosity kicks in and makes you walk on over to take a look. If you?re at home you should also exercise some caution.

The answer to the opening question is probably more times than you can count. However, this is where it is not quite as easy to be green as one might think. Although CFL?s are the green alternative to traditional lighting alternatives, last longer and offer a lower cost of ownership, they are not quite so easy to dispose of. That?s because the tubes are a hazardous waste item that contain a small amount of with mercury which can be released into the air when they break. This also makes it illegal to dump them in the regular trash when they’re replaced or broken.

Yesterdays edition of USA TODAY actually had an article titled EPA makes cleanup tips for broken CFL bulbs much more realistic by Wendy Koch. Although this article was focused on the home, many of the same issue need to be addressed in retail establishments that sell and use CFL?s. If you want to read the article please click here.

Some times it?s not as easy as just saying you?re green. Plan ahead!

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