Is the inclusion of freight in an e- bid or reverse auction equal to the net landed cost?

February 9th, 2011

The simple answer is no, and quite often this can be the most complicated part of any e-bid, reverse auction or traditional procurement process.

If you are looking to break out all of the other costs associated in a product bid, just asking to have freight included or free freight within a certain radius or other similar language will not accomplish net landed cost or allow you to manage it going forward.

Quite often the terms net landed cost, haul back, FOB and others come up during the logistics portion of a sourcing event. Some times they are bid on separately and or delivered by a third party. When a company says they want a net landed cost what they are referring to is the cost of a product or products plus all of the relevant logistics costs, such as transportation, warehousing, handling etc. In other words, what?s my cost when it gets here or where we want it?

If you want to drive the best pricing and service possible you need to understand the terminology and make sure it is clear in your specifications and terms and conditions.

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