More on Companies Serious About Green Energy ? Part IV of IV

June 3rd, 2011

Today?s post is by Mark Davis; Vice President of Operations and CTO at SafeSourcing. Mark asks "As companies shift focus to improving workforce management how will they get creative with their sourcing to achieve better results?"

In Parts I and II of this blog series we covered a brief summary of five common types of Green Energy.? In today?s blog we will be looking at 3 more of the major organizations working to help offer Green Energy to other companies.

Nexant? Beginning in 2000, Nexant has become a leader in the energy solutions industry with its ?intelligent grid software? and multiple clean energy technologies.? Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Nexant was a pioneer in helping to develop and implement the very first energy efficiency certificate and is the leader in the ?monetization of energy efficiency.?

Nexant works with businesses to help them achieve their energy goals be it reducing energy or in the case of this BLOG, to help them reduce carbon emissions and select technologies and processes that lead to greener solutions that fit into many companies culture shift of being more concerned about the environment.

Sterling Planet ? Sterling Planet works with organizations, businesses and residential clients to bring them together with green energy supply and demand solutions to help them achieve energy solutions revolving around renewable sources of energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon solutions.

Stering Planet?s mission statement of Reduce, Renew, Restore the carbon balance has resonated impressively across North America where their efforts have included 928 business clients, 43 colleges and univserities, 136 government agencies, and thousands of residents avoiding 25 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

Green Mountain Energy ? Green Mountain Energy is a company offering traditional energy options, but is one that is 100% committed to offering its clients alternative energy options as well.? Green Mountain Energy services Oregon, Texas, new York and New Jersey, specializing in Solar, Wind and Hydro technologies in its ?green? portfolio.

The company, which was founded in 1997, boasts that every single product they offer has an environmental benefit and that since their beginning they have helped removed carbon dioxide emissions the equivalent of what 478 million trees could absorb in one year or 11.3 billion pounds.

Green Mountain helps residents and businesses alike prepare green energy solutions and migrations that allow them to drastically reduce carbon emissions protecting them against future increases in traditional non-renewable energy that constantly loom on the horizon.

For more information about how you can partner with companies that are involved with partnering with companies like these for alternative Green Energy sources for your sourcing needs please contact a SafeSourcing customer service representative today.

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