Procurement deserves more attention from the executive suite now!

June 15th, 2011

To many procurement departments are understaffed and rather than getting better, the situation is actually getting worse.

Procurement when looked at properly has the largest single impact on a company’s financial performance. In fact more than any other area of the company. The fact is that when additional sources of supply compete for a company’s business, it results in compressed pricing that drops directly to the bottom line and also often delivers better quality products or materials. Coupled with the prevention of possible disruptions in a company’s regular source of supply – like the situation businesses have experienced during the last several years, e-procurement tools offers many advantages that can not continue to be overlooked. Companies that are more profitable grow and companies that grow generate jobs.

The benefits to be realized in using e-procurement tools beyond savings include faster time to purchasing decisions and more effective supplier management. Today’s easy to use tools are a result of technology advancements, enhanced data mining techniques and data management best practices  driving significant improvements in the e-procurement process.

In today’s tight business environment, lowering costs through the use of e-procurement tools are proving to be a valuable aid to ensuring profitable operation.

If you are not using them, you should be. If you are reducing staff in your procurement area you should not be.

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