Great data discovery drives great results! So what’s required?

August 11th, 2011

To conduct an accurate and great data discovery session, there is much more required than having a buyer just provide the name of a product or service and their current pricing.

There are a number of valuable possible sources of information to consider. However don’t make the assumption that just because you have systems with a big sounding impressive name like an Enterprise Resource Planning system or ERP that the data they contain will be complete or clean. That depends entirely on the proper deployment and use of the system as well as its maintenance after the fact.

Here are some but not all areas of opportunity and pieces of information that you should look to. In fact the more of them you have access too the better prepared you will be for a great discovery session.

1) General Ledger
2) Detailed P&L
3) Purchase Orders
4) Contracts
5) Detailed Vendor Listing
6) Product List by Vendor
7) Invoices
8) Product cut sheets
9) Copies of orders
10) Brochures

There is also a strategy of how to use this information to your best advantage and no system will do it all for you.

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