Twenty steps to running higher quality e-procurement events.

October 20th, 2011

Failure to plan is the same thing as planning to fail. It’s no different with e-procurement.

There are rules which if followed that will create higher quality e-procurement events for the companies and their suppliers?

Here are twenty you can begin with and then refine with others that your own team comes up with.

1. Executive sponsorship is mandatory
     a. This is required at the CEO and CFO level
2. Get the entire buying organization together for a kickoff session.
3. Provide a detailed over view of what you are going to do and the financial impact you expect it to have on the company.
4. Determine who your Subject Matter Experts are.
5. Conduct detailed data discovery sessions with all who have spend authority
6. Set specific success criteria.
7. Under stand that every event is not going to be a homerun.
8. Remember that singles and doubles score runs.
9. Create a fun environment.
10. Use scorecards to reinforce results attainment
11. Hand out E-RFX templates to gather existing product specifications.
12. Develop a standard timeline for event completion.
13. Gather an accurate list of your present suppliers.
14. Calendar your categories.
15. Prioritize by dollar value, date and strategic value.
16. Investigate existing contract language.
17. Look for auto renewal (evergreen) language and other roadblocks.
18. Determine alternate sources of supply with your sourcing company.
19. Develop a standard T& C document.
20. Assign an overall project owner
This list simply provides a format for getting started that offers suggestions that will help to create the best opportunity for reduction in cost of goods, expenses and improvement in corporate earnings. Be sure to combine this with a business partner like SafeSourcing that understands your business.
We appreciate and look forward to you comments.

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