Part II of II. Sustainable Packaging is an Attractive Option for More Companies.

February 1st, 2012

The way the packaging is made also makes a difference in its ability to be labeled sustainable.

Today’s post is by Ryan Melowic Director of Customer Services at SafeSourcing.

One potential concern that companies may have when deciding to go the sustainable route with packaging is whether or not it’s an economically viable decision for their company. Companies who choose to focus on the monetary rewards of packaging may find themselves sorely disappointed. Companies don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their products. They also want to ensure their packaging is modern and in step with growing environmental concerns.
It isn’t just the packaging itself that causes concern in some companies. The way the packaging is made also makes a difference in its ability to be labeled sustainable. Companies interested in eco-friendly packaging will aim for packaging that is not only designed responsibly but is also made using an environmentally friendly approach. For example, the best packaging would be created using renewable energy. Recycling is also important, and biodegradable packages or packages made from recyclable materials provide the greatest benefit to the environment and world.

Fortunately not every sustainable packaging material is expensive or difficult to procure. There are still many packaging materials that do an excellent job, but are not as costly to the environment. The right materials are also not too costly to businesses and their customers.

Contact a representative at SafeSourcing and we can provide more information on a solution and an approach to a cost effective process for sustainable packaging.

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