Purchasers Plan to Continue Using Recession Tactics

March 1st, 2012

Today?s post is by Ryan Melowic Director of Customer Services at SafeSourcing.

Ryan asks; why do procurement professionals turn to SafeSourcing?

The recession has not ended, and it is clear that purchasers must continue using recession tactics, saving money every way that they can.? Mid-sized companies, business owners and others have discovered that they don’t all have to sacrifice quality to gain products for a reasonable, recession-proof price.

With our Reverse Auction and additional eProcurement technology, SafeSourcing is harnessing the power of eProcurement by providing a one-stop shop for competitive bids from over 380,000 suppliers.? By combining their buying power, companies can leverage a lower price while locking in higher quality items.

Who are the suppliers?? SafeSourcing has amassed its unique database by certifying companies based on their safety and environmental support programs.? Companies must be highly rated to earn a place in the database.? Criteria include eco-friendly and food safety systems such as ISO 22000, ECO-LOGO, SQF and GFSI.? These certifications naturally ensure a higher quality of goods and materials.? Their growers, producers or manufacturers automatically set a higher standard for themselves because they are socially responsible businesses.

How does organized eProcurement, such as SafeSourcing process help businesses?? Companies are quickly learning that if they want to prosper, they must be able to guarantee the health and safety of the products they sell to their consumers.? The task of purchasing goods from the worldwide supply chain is a daunting prospect unless a business uses a supplier database like the one offered by SafeSourcing.

Procurement professionals appreciate the SafeSourceIt? database and the quick response time they receive when looking for new sources of supply.? Owners and other stakeholders will appreciate the benefits of group buying power.? Our customers are continually surprised as they see the quality of products and merchandise from suppliers they were not aware of.? They will respond very favorably to new suppliers that provide them with high quality, green focused products and services at the best price.

For more information on this topic, please contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative.?

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