Check out the title of this “BPA” post from November of 2008!

April 4th, 2012

Reexamining BPA bispenol A in North America. Good on Canada

And this is just another example of why the U.S. government is so screwed up.

Here are the first two sentences of this post from 2008.”What is the status of bisphenol A in the United States”? “Should procurement professionals be cautious”? “Canada declares this chemical toxic, bans bottles with it”.

I’m sure that almost everyone will look at this post and say so what, we have bigger fish to fry. That’s true, but if you don’t start attacking issues and making decisions at some point, there may just be too many fish to control. If you don’t believe me, just goggle Asian carp and ask any one in the great lakes region if they wish they nipped this issue in the bud years ago.

Here’s the issue I have. This post was almost four years ago and we the U.S. government has made no progress on the issue of BPA. Canada has, in fact they acted over four years ago. Japan has, and so have many other countries. The U.S. has not and it is just another symptom of way to much government and lack of action.

Here’s the current status, in an April 3rd article in Time Science titled BPA Gets a Reprieve — for Now” by Bryan Walsh, stated that on March 30, the FDA announced that it was rejecting a petition from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to ban BPA from food packaging. The entire article is pretty interesting relative to toxicology and today’s science versus historical science.

In a nut shell, the government did not do any thing again. And we wonder why we have the mess we have today.

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