Balance – An idea for the nation, an idea for your Procurement Department!

October 30th, 2012

Finally, some rational minds are weighing in with ideas on how to fix the federal budget deficit.

Today’s post is by Debbie Wilcox, CPSM and Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SafeSourcing.

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that a group of approximately 80 CEOs from top U. S. corporations have formed a non-partisan group to encourage our national leaders to come up with a plan. The group has raised $29 million dollars and has plans to put 30 people to work visiting key members of Congress in their home districts. They will host dinners that bring both Democrats and Republicans to the table along with budget experts and leading business executives. Ideas that will be discussed include a blended solution of raising taxes AND reducing expenses to help balance the budget. 

You can take a similar balanced approach to your sourcing and procurement requirements.  Maybe you’ve identified a number of projects with great savings potential but you just don’t have the personnel and bandwidth to get them completed. Or maybe you’ve heard of new vendors and new products for a project you have targeted but just don’t have time to do the research.

Working with a third party sourcing company to help you become more effective in your work is an option you should consider. At SafeSourcing, we help you analyze your spend and identify projects and areas for supplier consolidation. We’ll bring our list of international suppliers and our experience working with them, to bid on your projects to ensure you receive the best pricing available. We can complete the supplier research, identify comparable products and introduce service improvements.  In general, we complete the heavy lifting and present project results to you to make a decision. Yes, we will make our recommendation, but the supplier award decision is yours.

If your procurement department could use some help and balance, don’t act like Congress and hope that things will somehow miraculously change the longer you wait. Take charge of your procurement goals and even exceed your savings targets. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. We help our customers do it every day. We can do it for you too.

Contact a SafeSourcing representative to find out how we can design a program that meets your needs.

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