Apple’s launching a new iPad 4th Generation, just 6 months after the 3rd Generation?

November 2nd, 2012

Are you one of the many people that just recently purchased a new iPad 3rd Generation?

Today’s post is by Sarah Kouse an Account Manager at SafeSourcing.

Are you one of the many people that just recently purchased a new iPad 3rd Generation? Well, Apple announced last Tuesday, October 23rd that they were launching a new iPad 4th Generation. When the Apple event was taking place, many knew that they were going to announce the new iPad Mini, which shares similar specs of the iPad 2nd Generation, but has a 7.9-inch LED display instead of a 9.7-inch LED display. Along with the iPad Mini launch, they shocked consumers with an announcement that they were launching an iPad 4th Generation, just 6 months from the launch of the 3rd Generation. Not only was it very outrageous for Apple to have such a shocking announcement of the launch of the 4th Generation, but it is taking the 3rd Generation completely out of the iPad lineup.

It is important you know exactly what you are buying when you are purchasing any product. There are several reasons to get to know the product you are buying. If you get a product that you don’t know everything about and you don’t qualify yourself on the product, you could be getting a product that doesn’t necessarily fit your needs. When you get a product that doesn’t fit your needs, you are essentially wasting time and/or money because you will either need to return the product and get something that does fit what you need or you may not be able to return it and have to spend more money on another similar product. Another thing that may be helpful to you and your business is to incorporate in any contract for a product, that it includes new versions and upgrades. This will take care of any frustration for if something like what happened with the iPad were to happen with the product you purchased.

With all this being said, make sure you know all the facts of the product and what you need the product for before purchasing a product. For all of your sourcing needs, contact SafeSourcing to help!

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