Hey Retailers! Receipt paper, a great product to source!

November 7th, 2012

Retail buyers, is your receipt paper contract running out?

Today’s post is from Brad Westfall a SafeSourcing Account Manager

Is your receipt paper contract running out and are you getting ready to source out receipt paper?   There is one big thing that you must consider before you renew your contract; how safe is your current receipt paper?

The main type of receipt paper, used in adding machines, cash registers and credit card terminals is thermal paper. With this paper in use at most stores, you wouldn’t think something that you handle everyday as a customer would cause grave health and environmental concerns? That is where you would be wrong.

Some thermal papers are coated with BPA, or Bisphenol which is a colorless organic compound that is used to make different types of plastics and used to coat thermal paper. In 2010 the FDA warned against it use because of its increased cancer risk.

SafeSourcing can help with sourcing any of your thermal paper products with many BPA free vendors in our database. With our recent events, we have saved our customers over 35 percent on contracts for BPA free thermal paper. Contact a SafeSourcing customer service representative to source your safer products today.

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