Purchase orders. Who needs them?

February 6th, 2013

Have you thought about managing your purchase orders through an online Purchase Order tool?

Today’s post is by Steve Schwerin; Account Manager at SafeSourcing.

Have you thought about managing your purchase orders through an online Purchase Order tool in the past?  Have you acted on that thought?  Maybe this year should be the year.  I know.  You have a way of doing things.  Don’t we all.  Hasn’t the internet challenged almost every one of your standard ways of doing things?  It has mine.   Still, hasn’t it improved timeliness and precision on most of these things despite our reluctance to change?  Why should it be any different with purchase orders?

In a conversation that I had with a purchasing manager over a company with four warehouses recently in which he noted that there just didn’t seem to be enough time in the day to complete all of the tasks he needed to get done.  I bet this goes for many of us on all sides of the procurement industry.  Ideally, we would spend as little time as possible bogged down with routine tasks let alone having to worry about slippage or rogue buying for parts even remotely routine to our company’s spends.  Not that this purchasing manager’s day is spent reviewing purchase order after purchase order, but some of it is.

Wouldn’t a predefined, third party solution save time and maybe even let some of us sleep a little better at night knowing that the terms and conditions, pricing and authorizations have been gone over by three sets of eyes for spends that have been negotiated as lowest price offerings ahead of time?

Then why not spend some of your time inquiring about our SafePO™ service?  I have heard it said that business is never bad; people are just bad at business.  Much of this phrase, dare I say 99%, refers to routine tasks such as follow up and thoroughness.  There are new tools available in the last few years to help with such tasks.  Not that an online Purchase Order Management system is a silver bullet, but does it not leverage the power of computing and the availability of electronic devices for your benefit as well as your business partners?  It actually makes both of you more competitive.  If it saved you and your customers a few hours per month and gave you both peace of mind would it not be worth it?

Bring everyone up with you; let us know how we can help to make you and your associates more efficient, accurate and competitive.   Contact your SafeSourcing customer service representative at 513-360-8440 to find out how.

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