BREAKING NEWS: No mail on Saturday’s?

February 8th, 2013

"I always remember as a child getting very excited to go check the mail to see what arrived that day".

Today’s post is from Sarah Kouse a SafeSourcing Center of Expertise Account Manager

For practically forever the U.S. Postal Service has been in service delivering mail to businesses and residents six days a week all over the country. I always remember as a child getting very excited to go check the mail to see what arrived that day. Most of the time it was bills and/or advertising mailers for my parents, but on occasion I would receive a letter in the mail and it would feel like Christmas and bring me excitement to reveal what was inside.

The U.S. Postal Service has decided to discontinue Saturday’s for mail delivery, but continue to delivery packages to businesses and residents. Doing this, they are able to save about $2 billion. They plan to make this cut in August 2013.

Could they have chosen other actions of saving money and cutting costs without completely cutting out a service that patrons have been used to receiving for decades? Could they have looked at ways at cutting their spending on necessary items they purchase to run their business?

Cutting cost by downsizing is not always the only answer. That’s where SafeSourcing can help you and your business. SafeSourcing can look into ways to help you cut cost without downsizing or changing how you run your business. We can look at items that are purchased on a regular basis, that are necessary to run your business, and look at alternative options at purchasing those items significantly cheaper and still retaining that same quality of the product and/or service.

Contact a SafeSourcing Customer Service Representative for more details on how we can save you money.

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