April 17th, 2013

We will not run away! We will not hide! We will be in your face and we will persevere!

Today’s post is by Ron Southard, CEO of Safesourcing.

Terrorists beware! WE runners and those that support us are more determined THAN YOU ARE

As a Bostonian borne and bred, the bombing that took place at the Boston Marathon troubles and concerns me as it does many of you. Patriot’s day is a holiday to me. I take it off every year and settle in to watch the race unfold on my PC as I now live several time zones away.

I have a unique perspective on the Boston Marathon having run it 5 times. I have also coached numbers of runners that have participated in numerous marathons including Boston. Running a marathon is not something that one takes likely, and that is why everyone does not run one. Marathons require careful planning and a commitment over a long period of time if one is to enjoy success. Most people have trouble completing the normal goals so marathoners are a unique subset of the runner population. In many cases preparation requires teamwork with a coach, club or individuals you may train with. The results are also highly personal whether it is placing in one’s age group; achieving a new personal record (PR) or just finishing. People have many personal reasons for running such as supporting charities, raising awareness of a particular cause  or just pursuing a healthier life style to name a few.

Bostonians are proud of their heritage, after all the earliest settlers came to our Massachusetts shores in order to seek a more tolerant freedom. To that end, the Boston Marathon is something to be proud off but has a deeper underlying meaning. This is an international event that drew participants from 85 countries in fact a fifth of the registered runners were from these countries. Although the runners did not share a common language, they did share a common voice. That voice if listened to was genuinely interested in how each and every other participant fared in their individual race. You can hear and see it in the finish chutes, the hotel lobbies, and the restaurants before and after the race. You can see the 2:10 runner as interested in the participant that was thrilled to run 4:09:44  which was the exact time of the first explosion. This voice is LOUD, it is united and it says; this is our life, we will not run away, we will not hide and you cannot dissuade us from our passions. We will continue to run,
our families will continue to cheer us on and we will be back. You will not win.

SafeSourcing wishes to offer its condolences to the families as well that the entire global running community that were affected by this heinous event!



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