Effective Supplier Data Management Improves Procurement Process

May 3rd, 2013

The title of this post is taken from an article published in Technology First by the same title!

The article?was written for the April 2011 edition of Technology First by Ron?Effective Supplier Data Management Improves Procurement Process CEO of SafeSourcing and Tim Hull President and CEO of? TDH Marketing in Dayton Ohio.

The following excerpt is from the above titled article.

There is more to an effective e-procurement program than cost reduction.

While buyers frequently record cost reductions in the range of 30% to 40% when utilizing an e-procurement or reverse auction process, the issues of quality and performance cannot be overlooked.

The foundation for successful e-procurement is the supplier database that has been developed and is maintained by the e-procurement service provider. Significant time and capital investment goes into the development of an effective supplier database. It provides the buyer with a recognizable advantage in terms of classification of supplier capabilities, historical performance and the quality of the products provided.

The scope, accuracy and functionality of the supplier database are critical components for buyers when using e-procurement. These elements allow buyers to identify the best sources of supply quickly and cost-effectively, oftentimes uncovering alternative sources that were previously not even considered. This is one of the major advantages of including the services of an online reverse auction service provider like SafeSourcing in the procurement process. Supplier data management is an excellent example of pairing
technology advancements with intellectual property to produce an effective, economical support tool that benefits both suppliers and buyers ? better pricing, better quality and better sources of supply.

To view the article in its entirety please follow the link, Effective Supplier Data Management Improves Procurement Process.

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