The Rising Interest in Supply Chain Degrees

August 12th, 2013

Why is there such a rise in interest in Supply Chain degrees and certifications?

Today’s post is by Mark Davis; Sr. Vice President and COO at SafeSourcing.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the interest of college students and business professionals to pursue degrees and certifications in Supply Chain Management.   As the current workforce makeup changes and the landscape of business adjusts to new variables it is no wonder that some majors like Supply Chain Management are getting more attention to the point where some students are being turned away due to high demand for degrees in this area.  Today we will look at a few of the reasons this rise in interest is happening across the U.S.

Increase in demand – In recent studies by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Supply Chain majors are getting job offers out of college 15% to 20% more frequently than their Business Management and Accounting peers.  This increase in demand for college graduates has likewise created an increase in salaries for Supply Chain degree holders.  With the increase in pay and high placement levels, the interest in Supply Chain degrees has caused some universities to turn students away from their programs as they plan to increase capacity with more classes and more business school teachers.

Changes in Supply Chain Process – It is no surprise that the increase in interest in Supply Chain degrees and in job openings has paralleled the changes in Supply Chain Management in general as new eProcurement tools, new processes and new emphasis on cutting expenses in this area have begun to evolve and grow.  Where companies at one time had only a few associates employed on their procurement teams, if they had designated teams at all, these same companies are beginning to expand the methods by which they source their raw material, products and services.  This change in process has created a focus and a need for qualified professionals to enter organizations and help lead the company to more control over direct and indirect spend.

New Availability of Programs – Over the last 20 years universities and accredited organizations have increased the number of classes and degrees they offer in the Supply Chain Management adding both frequency and the variety of majors to focus on specific areas of concentration.  International sourcing, sourcing services, IT spend management, direct spend management, indirect spend management, contract management and vendor management are all new areas students can choose to focus on in pursuing their degrees.  The number of certification programs within Procurement and the Supply Chain spaces has also increased as organizations and schools continue to offer new opportunities for professionals to increase their education in new sourcing processes and techniques.  This increase in choices has created renewed interest in the Supply Chain as a focus of continued education for thousands of new students and existing professionals.

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