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November 7th, 2013

As you watch the training of Olympic athletes, class valedictorians, chess grand masters and concert pianists…

Today’s post is by Steve Schwerin, an account manager here at SafeSourcing.

I come across the thought quite a lot these days that the overnight success is a myth.  I’m left wondering if there was a time this saying was gaining force.  The idea of overnight success is everywhere, and yet it constantly proves untrue.  Certainly, some victories are decided in this fashion.  During some game or some battle, one party suddenly musters overwhelming force seemingly out of nowhere.  The end.  This is a horrible metaphor for business, yet it is embedded in the modern psyche.  As you watch the training of Olympic athletes, class valedictorians, chess grand masters and concert pianists, you come to realize that success is made up of a lot of incremental victories.  I venture to guess that all great entrepreneurs are in this same class.

What I see authors writing about these days is often the incremental changes over time that end up defining a great company or winning team.  For this to happen, companies need a willingness to learn incrementally, and who really wants to learn incrementally?  I know I don’t. 

Applying this thought to what we do here at SafeSourcing, procurement is a process.  A successful company isn’t defined by one purchase or the next big purchase for that matter.  Are you steering your company away from eProcurement, because you can’t see how it can work for your company or could you be looking for the quick, infallible plan?  As with most worthwhile pursuits, eProcurement is a process.  Procurement victory constitutes success over not one individual spend element, but a process over time that involved learning about what your company buys, why they buy it and from whom they can buy it.

Here at SafeSourcing, we know the risks of change which is why we offer risk-free trials in learning more about procurement with us.  Honestly, how much is procurement victory worth?  One answer is more than free.  Contact one of our customer service representatives at 888-261-9070 and start the process.

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