You might think that suppliers understand that a reverse auction is a great opportunity for new business.

November 15th, 2013

Unfortunately most don?t and it is up to solutions providers and their business partners to educate them.

The easiest way to do this it to keep the communication open friendly and non adversarial. At SafeSourcing we have a training class for this that we have with our customers and for all new associates as the join our company.
A friend of mine that is a manufacturer said it this way. ?Openly communicate with our supplier?s because their relationships are important to us. Make sure they understand everything and are comfortable with it. Make sure they have no lingering questions.

Here although not all inclusive is a list of sample questions one might consider when inviting a supplier as a new participant.

1.?Does the supplier understand that there is no cost to them to participate?
2.?Do they understand they will be trained at know charge?
3.?Do they understand event timing and requirements?
4.?Does the supplier understand the terms being used and how they apply to a reverse auction event such as?
a.?Reserve Price
b.?Low Quote Indicator
c.?Max quote
e.?Terms & Conditions
h.?Matching quotes
i.?Event? rules
j.?Product specifications
l.?Award of business
m.?Letter of Intent
n.?This is an opportunity for new business
o.?Event communication strategies

At the heart of it, it comes down to something we all know but don?t always practice and as such negatively impacts the sustainability of processes that just make good sense. That would be open clearly articulated communications.

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