Just what is a Private Label product and where do you source it?

November 19th, 2013

Years ago we called them store brands. Today you’d be amazed at how many companies there are that can provide you products under your own label.

Probably the best source of information on private label or store brand products is the PLMA or Private Label Manufacturers Association. This is actually a global organization.

According to their website, their show this week ending today the 19th in Chicago  presented more than 2,000 exhibit booths, featuring food, snacks and beverages, household and kitchen products, GM, and health and beauty. Exhibitors range from large, well-known store brand makers to small and medium-size companies. More than 35 countries will be represented on the show floor, including ten national pavilions.

If you’re not happy with your current private label offering or have never had one, this show is a must. There are also a number of educational workshops. In fact, PLMA sponsors workshops throughout the world annually. You can find a little more information on these at their website http://plma.com/.

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