I could not finish watching the disgusting video of an Oklahoma Pig Farms abhorrent behavior!

November 21st, 2013

If I could, I would figure out a way to put this farm out of business and its owners in JAIL!

Today’s post is by Ron Southard CEO at SafeSourcing Inc.

Why are we called SafeSourcing?  It’s very simple because we strive for a world where the products and services from our supply chain are safe. That includes the safety and humane treatment of our farm stock. We hold our suppliers accountable to these standards and have from day one of our company launch. In the beginning we supported 25 standards that support the supply chain and the environment. What has changed since then is the number of certifications and organizations we support. We try to introduce suppliers and companies that support each other’s corporate and social responsibility initiatives as a way to pay forward both our suppliers and customers best practices for a safe supply chain.

I have to be honest I am not a vegan. I do eat meat including pork. However, there are humane practices that support the harvesting of this farm stock. One example is the  Humane Raised and Handled a program administered by Humane Farm Animal Care at www.certifiedhumane.org.  We regularly publish information on our SafeSourcing daily blog such as the recently posted Farm to Fork – Where Does the Trace Start? As well as other pertinent subject matter. We also provide more detailed information relative to safety programs and certifications in the supply chain in our Sourcing Wiki such as the following link on the Humane Raised Handled.

Now be ready to be disgusted.

NBC news released the following video titled Tyson-foods-dumps-pig-farm-after-nbc-shows-company-video-of-alleged-abuse? Congratulations to Tyson. We just wish you had uncovered and acted on this sooner yourself.

I hope like this author you could not finish watching this disgusting behavior. Pigs are intelligent animals and this behavior is disgusting. I can’t image what the home life is like for people related to these workers.

If you’d like to learn more about safety in the supply chain or how our programs can support your social responsibility initiatives, please contact a SafeSourcing customer services representive.

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