First things first: Knowing and being known

December 3rd, 2013

Who doesn’t like being understood?

Today’s post is from Michael Figueroa, Account Manager at SafeSourcing

Who doesn’t like being understood? Especially if you’re an extrovert, you probably can’t wait to tell the people around you about the latest crazy thing that happened to you, or what you think of the topic at hand, or what your recommendations are (whether you were asked for them or not). Helpfulness is one thing, but what’s missing in this situation?

– Have you ever gone to the doctor and been prescribed something before even being properly evaluated?
– Have you ever had someone form an opinion of you before they ever got to know you?
– Have you ever stuck your foot in your mouth by interjecting a conversation only to realize the conversation wasn’t what you thought it was about at all?
– Have you ever created an SOP, RFI, or other document only to realize you didn’t understand the project well enough to speak intelligently to it?

Here’s a quick self-check, the next time you’re listening to someone, ask yourself;
Are you listening with the intent to REPLY, or to UNDERSTAND?
How can you truly understand a speaker, a report, or a strategy, if you are formulating your own version the whole time, with no intention of finding out what you DON’T know?

In our business, understanding is critical to our success. Every procurement activity operates within its own unique space in terms of industry, geography, supplier base, internal processes, laws, and other factors. Our expertise as learners, has allowed us to engage successful projects in a countless variety of industries, and gives us the agility necessary to administrate the unpredictable.

Understand FIRST, then you will be KNOWN for your insight and those around you will want to understand you and your business more.

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”Leonardo da Vinci.

Ask us how we can help you understand your current procurement activities and identify new opportunities.

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