Are you bragging about your eProcurment experience like you do when you experience other new technologies?

March 19th, 2014

The thing about technology is that you will learn something from the experience!

Today?s post is by Steve Schwerin, account manager here at SafeSourcing

What would be the response of people around you at a party if you had on a pair of Google Glasses (You may have to Google these)?? While chatting around the water cooler?? People would want to try it for themselves.? They would also be asking you what they were and how they benefit you.? Though not a pair of high-tech glasses, eProcurement is still a technology that many people in business have not yet tried.? Whether you were the purchaser or the seller, wouldn?t people want to hear about such an experience?

The thing about technology is that you will learn something from the experience and someone else will learn something entirely different many times; you both benefit when you share.? There are all sorts of ways you can benefit from bragging about your eProcurement experience besides getting the conversational floor for a few minutes.

  1. New products ? Your friends and coworkers will certainly have ideas for products on which your company could benefit from eProcurement.
  2. New ways your company could benefit ? The people around you could be the impetus for you bringing products from your indirect spend into the eProcurement world opening your company up to new avenues of supply, and building new relationships.
  3. Saving money ? Would you like to realize a 10x return on your investment?? Who wouldn?t?? If you have taken part in an eProcurement event as a seller, why wouldn?t you take part in one as a buyer?

Technology does not have to be as new chronologically such as Google Glass to cause a stir.? Technology just has to be new to whomever hasn?t tried it before.? We all like new things and we all like saving money.? Why not brag about your last eProcurement experience next time the subject of business as usual comes up in your world.? Everyone involved will benefit.

We at SafeSourcing would love to take part in making eProcurement a larger part of your sourcing strategy.? We have an entire customer service team who can assist you.? Call our customer service line at 888-261-9070 to find out more.

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