The Procurement Specialist vs. The Saleswoman

August 27th, 2014

Sometimes companies only want to show you face value of the products and not necessarily every single dynamic aspect.

Today’s post is by Alyson Usserman  an Account Manager at Safesourcing

I have been SUV shopping for close to three months. I have researched, test driven, looked at, researched again, and I am still not ready to buy quite yet. There are so many lingering questions that need to be answered before I sign a contract for x amount of years.

This past week I test drove two SUVs that were virtually the same on the outside. However, the inside was extremely different. SUV A had Bluetooth, and heated seats; however, SUV A was an automatic. SUV B was not equipped with Bluetooth or a back-up camera, it had a standard black interior, but the most intriguing part about SUV B was the fact that it was a 6-speed Manual Transmission.

Most people do not know how to drive a manual transmission, which is fine, however I prefer the manual over the automatic especially in the awful Ohio winter. I can control the manual completely, how fast it’s going, which gear it is in on the ice.

I already knew I wanted the manual over the automatic any day. But then questions started coming up more frequently. Will this SUV be a good long term investment? Will my 17 month old son be safe? Will he have enough leg room in 10 years? Can I fit four teenage boys in it and comfortably? Can two car seats fit safely, what about three? The car saleswoman I was speaking to and expressing concern to, attempted to convince me that that SUV was the one I had been searching for! Of course she did, that is her job to sell cars whether she believes it will be a good fit or not. Without pre-existing knowledge of the industry, the top brands, and potential issues, I may have left with SUV A instead of the one I actually wanted.

Sometimes well-meaning sales consultants think that their product is the best out there. Some of them are right, and some of them are wrong. At SafeSourcing we dig beyond face value for our customers, we not only try to find the best price possible, but the best product for that price as well.

Let SafeSourcing help you find the products that your company needs. We have an entire customer service team that can help with your procurement needs.

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