Why We Love Procurement & Supply Chain Management (And You Should, Too!) Part 6

January 22nd, 2015

Because procurement is increasingly cross-functional in nature!


Today?s post is written by Heather Powell, CFT Director & Project Manager at SafeSourcing Inc.











Sourced from: http://buyer.sellerinsights.com/2012/12/12/8-reasons-to-love-procurement/

Reason 6: It is cross functional and collaborative

While traditionally procurement was traditionally seen as stand-offish and confrontational, best in class is highly collaborative in style. That means it engages with managers from all across the organization.

While it may have the authority to tell people what to do and to enforce compliance with procurement rules and procedures, it uses its power carefully, seeking to collaborate rather than control.

Its role includes evangelizing a better approach to all aspects of procurement, from sourcing to supplier management. It does not necessarily seek to wrestle the decision away from the front line manager, but rather to support the manager in the decision making process.

Because procurement is increasingly cross-functional in nature, it draws its team from all disciplines and backgrounds. It may second an engineer from R&D to head up a sourcing project for the components required for a new product, or hire an ex supply industry salesperson to manage and negotiate with suppliers from that same industry.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 7.

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