Definition of Insanity

January 27th, 2015

?doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? ? Albert Einstein.


So we have all heard it before, but the definition of insanity is ?doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? ? Albert Einstein.

Today?s blog was written by Shelly Hayre, CFT Manager at SafeSourcing Inc..

I see category managers strategizing on a project with creativity in mind, but sometimes change is not perceived well and the strategy starts to form the same as it did years ago. The only difference is everyone wants better results. I believe it is the procurement leaders? role to push for creative and thinking outside of the box. Easier said than done with some.

Below are three keys to increase Procurement ideas creativity and quality:

1.? Coaching ? coaching the team on how to develop a creative idea and what this may look like. Bring outside support in to help the team think outside the box. Not everyone is creative, and a new perspective can help with this.
2.? Utilizing Creative Thinkers– When bringing in outside help, make sure the individual has the creative ability to assist the team. Having a team that is designated to working complex projects that need special attention and focus on the breakthrough idea.
3.? Have a Scoring System– What defines creativity? What does that look like? Dedicating a leader to provide this picture and process of creative ideas.

Like I?indicated earlier, not everyone is creative, a leader will need to show them what this looks like and guide them to a path where they will receive feedback on their creativity.

This process of thinking and executing takes time. You cannot start this process, and then become pressed against a timeline that it falls back to executing as quick as possible. You will receive the same results you say last time. Some questions to start the creativity wheels at your next category meeting:

??What is the overall goal of the project?
??What are we doing today that costs us resources (money, time, management, etc.)?
??What does the market look like today? What does it look like compared to last time it ran?
??What new trends affect the market?
??How can you leverage index pricing to be beneficial for you and the supplier?
??What other categories can you include to leverage better pricing?
??How will you compare suppliers pricing? How will you know you are offered fair and best pricing?

If you reach out SafeSourcing can be your creative team. We have a new way to see on categories and have experience running various categories in different fashions. We will find the best and creative way to execute a procurement project that brings greater results.

We look forward to and appreciate your comments.


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