The Lost Lunches…Where are they now?

February 26th, 2015

Have you lost your lunch break at work?


This post is by Alyson Usserman, Project Manager at SafeSourcing.

Have you lost your lunch break at work? Here’s the problem with eating at your desk.

Typically in the beginning of the year people make New Year’s resolutions. This year yours should be to stop eating lunch at your desk. Below I examine the issues that this habit may cause.

The Problems:

   1. You are sedentary all day, every day, when you maintain a desk job. Without moving, your body can become sluggish and bog down your thoughts.
   2. You miss out on socializing beyond your coworkers.
   3. You may not even be able to eat your lunch, because people keep interrupting you.

This habit can potentially affect everyone that works full time. However, the issue that one may run into is that your overall health and mental awareness.

Make sure you get out and move your body, even if you just go to run an errand.

This issue is becoming such an issue that the Oxford English Dictionary added, “al desko” in 2014, which means to eat at your desk.
Let SafeSourcing help you reclaim your lost lunch by allowing us to become an extension of your team to ease the work load. Please contact a SafeSourcing Project Manager and let us help manage your workload.

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