Making a Decision on Uniforms

April 16th, 2015

Uniforms serve many purposes within a company.


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Uniforms serve many purposes within a company. 

It allows customers to quickly identify employees, projects a unified company image and statement of company’s brand, and eases the decision from employees on what is appropriate.

As you can see, uniforms are important in various aspects, and knowing the right uniform solution for your company is equally important.

Types of Uniforms

Most uniforms are made from a blend of polyester and cotton fabrics. They require standard washing without ironing.  You can order uniforms in multiple different colors, patterns, and styles.  Many job positions and companies allow street clothes to be worn with the uniform over top, such as lab coats or vests, to keep appearances clean and consistent.  The average life expectancy of these uniforms is 3 to 5 years.  This fabric is more common in retail and food industry.

Different fabrics must be considered for other industries though.  Medical Scrubs need to be sturdy enough to endure many wears, resist different bodily fluids, and stand up to multiple washings. Automotive industry requires special uniforms to prevent fabric rips, wickability, and utility pockets. There are many more uniforms specific to an industry’s needs.

Buying vs Renting

Many companies offer a rent or buy program for uniforms.  The majority of companies choose to buy uniforms. Buying uniforms means you are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the uniforms. Either you hire a launderer to clean uniforms, or you trust your employees to do so. On average, uniform sets range from $20-$40 to purchase.

When renting a uniform, the rental company supplies and cleans the uniforms.  If you have a high turnover rate, you will not be left with constantly purchasing new uniforms.  The rental firm provides the number of uniforms needed at a given time.  Average rental of uniforms per employee, including cleaning, is $200-300 per year.

The best option, whether buying or renting uniforms, will depend on the industry and goal of the uniforms.  If the number one goal of uniforms is for brand and appearance to customers in retail, where turnover is high, renting may fit your company better because you know they are being cleaned and maintained.  However, if turnover is low, and well-laundered clothes is not expected (automobile industry) rental may not be your best option.

Let SafeSourcing help analyze your options. If you currently are buying and want to continue buying, are you working with the correct supplier?  Specialty uniforms can be usually found cheaper though vendors that specialize in that uniform. Call us today to start your risk-free trial.

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