What My Dogs Teach Me about Customer Service

February 24th, 2016

I have spent the bulk of my career in Client Services


Today’s post is by Christine McConnell Account Manager at SafeSourcing

I have spent the bulk of my career in Client Services, Account Management, and Sales. As a result, many of my working hours are devoted to communicating directly with customers. Many of my non-working hours, on the other hand, are spent interfacing with my three dogs: Zeus, Mabel, and Blaze. These relationships have more in common than you might think.

  • For starters, my dogs have clearly defined roles. Zeus (a one hundred and twenty pound adult male Bernese Mountain Dog) patrols the grounds. Blaze (a six-month old puppy-boy with a checkered pedigree) is our resident court jester. And Mabel (an eleven-year old Golden Retriever) is the put upon elder stateswoman. My customers also appreciate clearly defined roles that ensure that they are dealing with the most appropriate representative of our company at all times.
  • My dogs have vastly different styles of communication. Mabel has a repertoire of snorts, groans and heavy sighs. Zeus prefers nose nudges and soulful stares. And Blaze, literally whines and sings like fan belt that is about to snap. My customers use different methods to communicate with me as well. Some call, while others send email. Some complain, while others cajole. All welcome as clear communication as possible and have an uncanny ability to sniff out immediately when something is “off” and I am not being genuine.
  • My dogs are unendingly patient with me. They are ready and willing to spend as much time as is needed to master a task, whether I am training them to fetch a tennis ball or they are training me to fetch them Milkbones out of the treat cupboard. With their limited understanding of linear time, my dogs enter every new interaction with a clean slate. My customers also deserve my patience and ability to address every new situation without assumptions or expectations based on what might have occurred in the past.
  • My dogs, and customers alike, hope to be treated with consistency and fairness. They expect that I’ll do what I say; whether that is honoring a refund policy or to taking them to the park after work. They hope to be treated fairly and equitably across the board and will complain to their peers if they feel that’s not the case. Just try to sneak one of my dogs a Fig Newton without the other two rushing into the kitchen to collect their fair share!
  • Finally, my dogs are motivated by satisfaction and loyalty. When I am happy, they are happy and vice versa. My customers deserve the same from me. My dogs are 100% loyal from the tip of their noses to the end of their tails and I strive to deliver the same to my customers.

When done correctly, both dog ownership and customer service can be mutually gratifying two-way relationships. My career serving customers has been professionally and personally satisfying. I have gained much more than I have given. And of course, my dogs provide a constant stream of unconditional love, and I have the thumbs required to open the treat box and work the can opener!

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